Uniqop: a unique online store for shopping groceries

Uniqop: a unique online store for shopping groceries

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Uniqop is a unique online store for shopping groceries which focuses on Persian food ingredients, particularly. Since it is difficult to find the right ingredients for Persian foods out of Iran, Uniqop has made a platform to ease Persian food cooking for all the people in America. Uniqop presents a thorough collection of all groceries from different brands and from various sites of the world. You can find all you need from Persian rice to the herbs you need to cook Ghormeh Sabzi, all in Uniqop. Shopping from Uniqop is easy, time-saving, and beneficial for people and environment since it eliminates a lot of unnecessary transportation for shopping.


Moreover, Uniqop presents a complete encyclopedia of Persian cuisine for all Persian food lovers. From Persian hosting cultures to the knacks that you need to in cooking Ghormeh Sabzi or Tahdig you can find at Uniqop. Uniqop is born to help you in Persian cuisine from A to Z. Uniqop’s recipes have complete information about the ingredients, cooking process, types of equipment, and nutrition facts of the Persian food you want to cook. You can make the best Persian tables following Uniqop advice. Make the best Persian Shirazi Salads and Persian rice following Uniqop’s Persian food recipes.


Uniqop is an online Persian grocery store that provides essential information for Persian cooking such as Persian food recipes. Whether you are an Iranian student who lives in America and misses her or his mother’s cooking or you are a Persian chef who cannot the right ingredient to create the right Persian food taste, Uniqop is here to help you. Contact Uniqop for any information and stuff you need in Persian cuisine. Uniqop has started its journey from California, but soon Uniqop’s online Persian grocery store will be available for all Persian food lovers around America. The best Persian food recipes are now available on Uniqop’s website for all Persian food lovers.


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